During this Jammu and Kashmir disaster, Industries of Madhya Pradesh have come forward to help the flood victims through donations of Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets for drinking water. Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets protect people from water borne diseases and provide them with pure disinfected drinkable water. Narmada Group of Industries donated 1,60,000 Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets to this cause through “Help Age India” which will provide pure disinfected drinking water for 3000 families.

Hind Pharma donated 1 Lac Water Purification Tablets to J&K through NDMA ( National Disaster Management Authority) and 1 Lac tablets through NGO “Save The Children” to help provide clean drinking water to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. These tablets were airlifted from Bhopal airport.

Photograph Attached of Udit Agrawal- Narmada Industries , Help Age India Bhopal representatives and Aayush Goswami, Hind Pharma.


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